Workflow of an administrative record


Hi, I’ve done this diagram using Camunda. Could someone tell me if it’s ok. In particular, is it right the use of the complex gateway?
Thank you very much


It’s usually a bad idea to use a complex gateway for any reason.
What functionality care you trying to achieve and maybe i can suggest the right gateway.


Hi Niall
I’ve used the complex gateway because from the activity “Effettua le verifiche contabili” (checks the contability") the process could have more than two outputs:

  1. wrong check. End of the process (“verifiche KO”)
  2. correct check. The document goes to Direttore UO who signs it (“Firma”)
  3. correction needed. The document turn back to Addetto UO who does the corrections
    So I’m trying to model the case in which the process could follow three different alternative


You can just use the XOR gateway. Gateways don’t have any restriction on how many flows leave or enter. Rather they simply show what logic will be applied.
An XOR gateway just means that the process will continue through exactly one flow. It doesn’t matter how many possibilities there are.


Ok thank you,
I think that it’s wrong even the use of the terminate end events: should I replace them with normal end event?


Yeah, terminate events aren’t really useful to you for this flow.


va bene, thank