Release announcements, end of life notifications and other bits about Camunda products that we think will be useful to everyone.

Process Engine

Questions about the process engine, the rest api, application server integration, deployment issues, Spring integration, CDI integration and related..


Questions about the camunda modeler, about how to model BPMN, CMMN and DMN, about the eclipse plugin.

Cockpit / Tasklist / Admin & Web

Questions about Camunda Cockpit, Tasklist or Admin and general web application questions.

DMN Engine

Questions about how to use and customize the DMN Engine and FEEL.

Community Extensions

Everything related to development, usage, problems and new releases of community-contributed extensions for the Camunda stack. Like Process engine or Cockpit/Tasklist plugins.


Meta discussions, about how to contribute, general feedback and questions on Camunda.


Questions on how to contribute to the Camunda open source projects, how to build Camunda from the sources and how to create Pull Requests.