What's the login username and password of the Tomcat distribution?


I download the distribution here. Now, it runs, but I don’t know the default username and password to login. I searched, but found no info about this.


Demo demo



please add this to the docs


It is in the Tutorial: https://docs.camunda.org/get-started/bpmn20/deploy/#verify-the-deployment-with-cockpit

But would be good to add to the Docker Readme.


@thorben just noticed the # of clicks on the link above. Might be good to make it more obvious in the tutorial! :slight_smile:


What would be the best place to have this in? Also, feel free to raise a pull request if you have got an idea how to make it better.




What are the passwords of other users?


Hi @erpnedir,

Here is the code that creates them: Configure a Spring Boot Project - Customize Configuration

Cheers, Ingo


thanks,maybe it should add to doc


Hi @baxi84yy,

Please note when the index page (http://localhost:8080/camunda-welcome/index.html) is loaded the credentials are mentioned there.