WebApps and Rest API as non-jobExecutor apps: configs needed?


Looking at the application properties for camunda springboot, and reviewing what should be enabled and disabled when setting up Non-Job Executor Nodes of the WebApps and Rest API.


It seems there is some docs missing as well for the table of configs: specifically, which configs are persisted in the DB (on first DB load and then overwritten on each app load) and which are application instance based configs.

For example: If the Job executor is disabled, does health.camunda.enabled, camunda.bpm.metrics, and auto-deployment need to also be disabled?


@niall @felix-mueller you ever deal with this? Any consulting code kicking around that did this?


@falko @menski did you come across this as you were working on https://github.com/camunda/docker-camunda-bpm-platform/issues/62 / https://github.com/camunda/docker-camunda-bpm-platform/issues/62 ?


I think this camunda con presentation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nx4I8lNMUs0 does a great job at outlining some of the adjustments needed in this setup as things like the Web apps cannot just run as non-executors without specific configs.