User Parallel Task

Dear Community Folk ,

Requirement to build workflow for nominations
Where I have an user pool to assigned parallel task and each of them to nominate if all user nominated then parallel process ends, any user rejects it then the nomination stops immediately

For Example User Pool has {USR1 , USR2 , USR3 , USR4 , USR5 } , All these users should have parallel assignments
Each users should have 2 options {Approve , Rejection }
If all users approved then it can move to next step , any user rejected then it goes to previous step immediately not waiting for other user to complete

Please advise how we can achieve this

@PrasadKC what do you mean by going to previous step? can you elaborate more?

Without more information - i would suggest something like this would work:

An interrupting conditional event on a multi-instance user task would do the trick.


Thanks Niall I will try to implement the above solution and will let you know the result

Thanks for your response the solution provided by Niall suite the requirements will implement and let you know the results