Unknown property - Cannot Resolve


I am having this error when trying to run a process.

Cannot submit task form ad8b6817-96de-11e7-932a-0242ac110009: Unknown property used in expression: ${SubACQManager}. Cause: Cannot resolve identifier ‘SubACQManager’

The variable is declared in a service task at the beginning of the process

This variable is the only one who creates trouble the others works fine.
I really don’t see the reason for the error…


Hi @Mokhtar,

Could you please attach your bpmn file. Which camunda version do you use?
Maybe there is some problem with the scopes. Also it would be helpful if you attach the server log file.

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Hi Yana
Here are the different files for a new bug which is the same as the one I described before
The issue here comes with the SubGroup Variable.

We as you can see in yellow exists and has a value.
The bpmn file is also attached.

Permits and Lease subprocesses use the exact same methods to use SubGroup but Lease gives that error when completing the task.

Debug.bpmn (26.2 KB)
new 8.txt (29.5 KB)

The new 8 text file contains the logs.

Thanks for the help


Hi @Mokhtar,

Still the whole picture is a little bit unclear to me. As far as I understand Debug.bpmn is your main process and the error occurs in the sub process “Lease Creation and Negotiation” when you try to complete some task. You have the same parameters in “Permit Requests” where everything is fine. Could you please attach those two sub processes.

Permits and Lease subprocesses use the exact same methods to use SubGroup

Which are the methods, please share code snippet or test case in order to reproduce the scenario.
You can use unit testing template https://github.com/camunda/camunda-engine-unittest

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