Trigger Variable Event from Outside Process


Is it possible to trigger variable events, or otherwise cause Conditional events to be evaluated from a variable update outside the scope of the process? I would like my Called Activity processes to include conditional events that are dependent on the Parent processes variables (maybe).

I use Called Activities to keep a large process manageable from a diagram perspective. Currently I am replicating the parent variables into each Called Activity and also updating them whenever they change. This seems cumbersome and redundant and I would prefer to simply keep some variables in the parent and reference them from the sub-process. I already have the syntax for that, and it works fine, so long as something triggers the sub-process to re-evaluate conditions. This doesn’t happen when only the Parent variable is updated.

I can reference the parent variables in the sub-process with execution.getSuperExecution().getProcessInstance().getVariable([variableName]); Could I cause this to be the Variable Event, too?