The Modeling a sequential Multi Instance Service Task with Camunda modeler?

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I want all process instances to run through a service task of a process not concurrently, but in order (sequentially). Is there a standard solution for this in Camunda?

The process is called MoneyRepayment. Sequential service task is called payout().

Process instance 1: It executes all tasks as modeled. It is now executing the service task payout().

Process instance 2: Concurrently also passes through tasks. Before executing payout(), instance 2 waits until instance 1 has exited the payout() service task.

Would it be possible to implement using Camunda means or do I need to model the lock/unlock() mechanism myself?

I would be very grateful for an answer!

Camunda Best Practices - Modeling with Situation Patterns

It’s a similar problem. This will probably be the stardard solution for the problem.

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That is the exact solution I used in a similar situation, so yes, that is your best bet.

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