Tasklist functions do not work on MAC

Hi all,

I have a process that works all right and wonderfully in Windows, however I open this same process on a MAC computer and something strange happens in my form fields where I have to select an option from the catalogs.

The fields of my form if they are mandatory fields I paint them with a red outline, when the fields are filled or the catalogs are selected the outline disappears, this works wonderfully in Windows.

So that the mandatory fields have a red outline, I have created a Script that does this function for the catalogs. I use the “onclick” function that works without any problem in Windows but in MAC it does not work I have to select the same data up to two times in the catalogs so that the red outline disappears, how can I solve this error.

But in MAC none of this happens even if I capture data in my form or select catalogs, the red outline does not disappear.

The images that I show work in this way in windows but in MAC the red contours are always there even though the fields of the form have data.

If someone knows how to solve the error I would be very grateful because I do not understand what is happening.