Tables are missing for the following components: [ identity ]

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I have a project setup with embedded camunda engine with spring.
Database tables are initialized with sql downloaded from camunda website.
When startup with setDatabaseSchemaUpdate = false, it throws error “Tables are missing for the following components: [ identity ]”.
I’ve checked discussion about incorrect schema setting in engine config which causes many component can not be found. It seems my issue is different, it is about one component only.
Can anyone help identifying which table(s) are related to “identity”, so that I can narrow the investigation?

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Did you run both create scripts?
For each database we support there’s one script for the engine and one for identity.

Hi Niall,

Thank you for pointed out the root cause. ACT_ID_* tables are not initialized.

My project will not have user interactive tasks, it only consists of ServiceTask and DMN, are ID tables mandatory in this case?
An earlier version was running fine without ID tables, the project is requiring ID tables now, what could be the feature requiring these tables?

Edited: the project is not exposing/using Identity service bean, no call to processEngine.getIdentityService()

Apologize for asking these beginner questions,
Appreciate your help,