Strange behavior with duration timer and week designator

Hello everyone

I am experiencing some strange behavior when using a duration timer and using the week designator. I had a project requirement for a delay of 17 weeks. I created a plain timer of type duration and set it to “P17W” - according to Timer Events and ISO 8601 Durations

Today I ran the following process definition on a fresh Camunda Tomcat 7.14 Docker image:

Looking at the job due date shows that this is not in 17 weeks:

I tried different PxW settings, and the behavior is strange. Fx “P1W” works perfectly fine while others also have the wrong due date calculated.

I am missing something completely obvious about the duration and the week designator?


Can confirm the same behavior :disappointed: Due date on the job ends up being ~20 days out.

Looks like there was a similar(ish) bug fixed in 7.12, maybe not fixed all the way… You may consider filing another.

In the meantime, P117D seemed to end up with the right due date. You could give that a go

Thanks Justin.

I have created a Jira issue


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Thanks for letting us know about the problem folks.