Start process on a specific workflow

Hello everyone,
im new to camunda and process engine so forgive me if this is a simple thing to do.

I’ve got a workflow with 2 different versions since one is more updated then the other, so now I have workflow version 1 and workflow version 2

How can I start a new process on the old workflow (version 1)?

@francesco_giberti, you can query for process definition id by filtering the version number.

GET /process-definition?version=1 & key="processDefinitionKey"

Then you can start the process instance by passing the process definition id of the specific version.

POST /process-definition/{id}/start

If you use Java API, you can start the process instances by directly passing the version.

//Starts a new process instance in the exactly specified version of the process 
//definition with the given id.


Thank you! i’ll reply with an update if I can make it work