Standard DMN file only shows decisions


When I open a standard 1.1 DMN file (so without the biodi extension elements), the modeller only shows the decisions in the DRD. The inputData are not shown.
Is there a way to open a standard DMN file that shows all the DMN elements?


Click on the green icon on the top left of your DRD element:


This opens up the decisionTable.
What I would like to see is a DRD with the Decsions and the inputData.

The DMN now only shows the Decision in the DRD (top part of the image)

What I would expect to see is this DRD (bottom part of the image)


The input’s aren’t automatically generated from the table, you need to add them manually if you want to see them.


This is not working for me. Because the inputData is already in the DMN file. If I add them manually, they are in my DMN file twice. This will make my DMN file invalid.