Rest API call to "Timer Intermediate Catch event" failing with "No job found with" error

I have a flow where I need to update the timer intermediate catch event initial value with new value.
I am executing the rest call https:///engine-rest/job/vendorETA/duedate
“duedate”: “2020-06-28T00:00:01.000+0200”,
“cascade”: false

and getting
“type”: “InvalidRequestException”,
“message”: “No job found with id ‘vendorETA’.”


@salam can you upload your BPMN model?

The API that you’re using is for updating a job at runtime, so it expects a job id (e.g. 5f315071-d0fa-11ea-9c8f-0242ac150102). In your example vendorETA is the activity id, found in the job definition.