Release camunda BPM platform OSGi 3.0.0


Hi everyone,

I guess you are still celebrating the release of your 7.7.0 version.
Still, I hope you have some time for me :wink:
Could someone please initiate the release of camunda OSGi 3.0.0? I’ve created a ticket here.
When having the 3.0.0 I could start planning for a quick 4.0 release that’s compatible with the 7.7 version. At least this time I could try to follow quickly ^^


PS. On a sidenote, I am slightly disappointed that Spring Boot Starter has a seperate Subtopic in the forum and OSGi does not :wink:


Pinging @hawky4s :ice_cream:


Seems like ice cream is not working :hamburger:


Christian is currently on vacation. I could give it a shot. Or is there anything special in the OSGi release?


I also raised, feel free to grab it @menski :slight_smile:


What color would you like for the OSGi subtopic?


@menski There shouldn’t be anything special. Some time ago Christian created this script which should do most of the work. Just set the next version to 4.0.0 please.

EDIT: I just saw that the relase has been created. Are you sure he’s not hiding in your office? ^^

I’d like orange for the subtopic, since the OSGi alliance logo is also orange :wink:


@rbraeunlich I triggered the release. And also have fun with your new subtopic:

Let me know if you want to adjust anything.