ReactJS forms integration


I’d like to create a ReactJS integration for camunda forms.
I wasn’t involved in the development of Camunda yet, so if anyone has any knowledge to share related to camunda form internals or you know some possible roadblocks, please share it with me.

What do you think of this idea to have React/JSX forms?


Hi @agulin,

From my prospective lack of advanced forms management engine is a major show-stopper for using camunda in enterprise context (when you don’t have a readily available full-stack development team to support another system). So any improvement in this area should fill the gap.

We are relying on some basic integration with Formio vanilla js library as it gives us needed form development flexibility. I believe in your project you’d probably use similar REST calls and principles, so feel free to have a look at this This is not a production-ready solution - just an example.

Best regards,