Processes randomly failing evaluating delegate expression


Hello All,

We are on Camunda 7.6.2 EE and applied required patches.

Randomly processes are getting stuck with below exception message
Unknown property used in expression: ${updateMessageTextDelegate}. Cause: Cannot resolve identifier ‘updateMessageTextDelegate’

${updateMessageTextDelegate} is a spring component bean and declared as needed in java class. Issue is random that this class is invoked sometimes and fails sometimes with above error.

public class UpdateMessageTextDelegate implements JavaDelegate {

Please share your valuable thoughts. Appreciate the help.




Do you have a cluster setup? Is it possible the bean is deployed on one not but not another?




Thanks for the response.

Bean is deployed to both the pods of K8.


We found a camunda instance with old code base processing transactions from same database and causing these exceptions. We are seeing no issues after bringing down the instance with old code. Thanks.