Problem with process

Hi! I was trying to execute a process but I got some problems. When I import the process to Camunda Modeler I got this:


If I press “Yes”, Modeler convert it and I can work with it. But, after the deployment, when I want to start a process on tasklist, I got this error:

“Cannot instantiate process definition SeroP014:1da5e0fa8-f13c-11e9-abde-7085-c23a73dc: form property ‘IDAuto’ is required”

I understand that there’s something wrong with the variables, but I don’t know exactly what’s happend. Can someone explain me? Thanks.

This is the process:
SeroLineProcess2.bpmn (10.6 KB)

What did you use to model this process originally?
Did you make any other changes to the model or the XML?

Someone gave me that process to make it work in Camunda. I have no idea how that person made it. I didn’t make any changes to the process.

It’s a very basic process - without knowing where it came from it might just be easier to build a new one from scratch.

Sorry for the delay. I was investigating and I found that the process was modelated in Activiti. Is that information enought?

What has been done to the model before you tried to deploy it?
If it was modeled and made executable for a activiti it’s not going to work without changes for the Camunda engine.

Nothing has been done to the model, except for the conversion that I mentioned before. I compared the activiti converted XML file with an XML modeled with Camunda and I noticed that they are very diferent. For example, the activiti XML has a lot of “formProperty” that the other does not. Maybe you are right and it’s better to build a new one from scratch.

Indeed - the models are transferable via modelers but each engine needs very different execution semantics, if the model was larger i would probably suggest just trying to convert the elements but the model is fairly basic and it would be faster to just remodel it.

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