[Poll] JUnit5 & Camunda

Hi Community Folk.

I’m interested in who out there might be either interested in using or are already using JUnit5 with Camunda.

  • I want to use JUnit5 with Camunda
  • I already Use Camunda and JUnit5
  • I don’t have bugs in my code, so no need for testing.

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Looks like so far one thing is clear - people don’t believe their code is bug-free :slight_smile:
Nice to have so many realists in the forum.

I had no problem using JUnit5 for all of my tests related to Camunda, save one: https://github.com/camunda/camunda-bpm-process-test-coverage . This thing is super tightly coupled to the JUnit4 API and cannot be made to work with JUnit5 without significant effort.