Optimize - alert when a node duration exceeds threshold



It seems Optimize can trigger an alert when a process instance duration exceeds a threshold.

Is there a way to setup an alert when a node duration exceeds a threshold instead ?

I cannot see a way to do it because alert requires the report to “group by none” and the flow node duration view does not permit this configuration…is there a workaround ?



Hi @eleco

this is currently only possible for the whole process instance and not for a specific flow node.

Would it be possible for you to use a non-interrupting timer boundary event on the flow node in BPMN?

Could you maybe give an example of your specific use case?



@felix-mueller we have a process instance containing several user tasks. We’d like to know when the duration of any one of these tasks exceeds a threshold (where the max threshold for one task could be inferior to the max threshold for the process instance).

Looks like timer events would work instead but not as user friendly as creating reports and alerts in Optimize.