Need to render styles from component level



I was trying to render the dmn-js/dist/assets/* styles in component specific SCSS/CSS file instead of index.html or angular.json styles .

using Angular 7.2.0.

Tried importing CSS files in component level, but not working


Please share your code and the error so that we are able to help you.


Hi barmac,
solution I have tried, calling the css files in components.scss file.
i’m not getting any error, but styles are not rendering…

here are the css files
@import “~dmn-js/dist/assets/dmn-js-drd.css”;
@import “~dmn-js/dist/assets/diagram-js.css”;


We won’t be able to help you if you don’t give us more information about your development setup.


Developmemt setup is normal anguar7 application.

I have installed the dmn.js throughnpm package. I want to use the CSS files in component.scss itself instead of global.


This seems to be a problem within your Angular/webpack config. Please check out this Stack Overflow topic:



Basically we are using DMN.js in angular7 Project which is “projectType: library”, specfied in angular.json and want to import DMN,js CSS file at component level, with encapsulation on.