Multiple Timer Start Events

Hi all,

I understand multiple timer start events are not permitted in Camunda Modeler. Whats the best way round this?

I want a process to execute every 24 hours at set times during the day. This would work fine with 5 timer start events each with different cron expressions. I also want to set variables depending on the time of day too, which I could do nicely with timer start events.

Whats the alternative? I know I could use the API but keeping everything within the modeler would be preferred.

Same question here. What we currently do is use multiple start workflows with one start timer each, each of these will start the actual job. But this makes monitoring the next start time more complicated.

It would be good if multiple start times or a more flexible cycle timer configuration (e.g. multiple cron specifications) was possible. Currently, when I want to start a timer everyday at 8:45h and 9:15h, I need two start timers. I could use “0 45,15 8,9 * * ?” but that would start at 8:15h and 9:45h, too. So already I am running into the “multiple timers” issue. Unless someone knows some tricks.