Modeller Usage with large models and nested subprocesses


occasionally, we have quite large bpmn diagrams, that use nested subprocesses.
Currently, we are using signavio for modeling those diagrams, where each collapsed subprocess is an own process definition, modeled in a separate file.
Now, we are evaluating camunda Modeler, for modeling those larger diagrams and export them to signavio afterwards.
We need to use collapsed subprocesses, call activites are no option.
In order to evaluate camunda Modeler, I re-modeled the original diagram in camunda Modeler (see attached file).
When I open the file in camunda Modeler Version 1.12.0, I’m facing the following issues:

  • when I change the type of a collapsed subprocess to expanded (“Change type” and then select “Sub Process (expanded)”), change the content of the subprocess and change the type of the sub process back to collapsed (“Change type” and then select “Sub Process (collapsed)”), the layout of the main model, containing the sub process, is somehow changed.
  • on uncollapsing a subprocess, the elements of the main process are greyed out, which is good, but some elements are not, which is confusing.

Can you reproduce my issues?
Do you have any idea, how to work around them?
Thanks a lot,

pvcm.bpmn (292.3 KB)



we’re actually working on being compatible with Signavio regarding the issue with subprocesses.

You can expect this to be fixed soon.