Modeling a "Start Over" scenario



I have a process consisting of a number of (User) Tasks. At any point the user may want to start the process over (or at a previous step). How to model this? Actually, what kind of interaction with the user there should be? Only through the Tasklist? I wouldn’t prefer to tie this “start over” action into every user task.




what about something similar to this…



When user wants star proess at any point it sounds like case, not process.

in BPMN process control user, not user control process.

Hopefully camunda have tools for case , look here -


Hi @Webcyberrob,

I was also thinking something similar but how do you trigger the boundary error event on the User Task?

@kotskin: You are right, but I would like to find a workaround in my existing bpmn models :wink:


@kontrag have you considered of using an event subprocess to address your problem?


Yes, I’m currently working on that (event-subprocesses)!