Migrating from shared engine to embedded


Hi, I’m switching from using a shared engine to the embedded spring version and I have one question about the processes currently running.

I think migrating the database won’t be too complicated, but in all my running processes I have some delegates invocations in the form of “delegates.myCustomDelegate”. I also have a jar called delegates.jar in the tomcat lib folder which contains the proper class.

I guess now I have to change those “delegate.myCustomDelegate” for “${myCustomDelegateAsSpringBean}”, but what can I do for the processes currently running? I’m running my application in a tomcat with my jar but I get the following error when running a process with the old format for delegates:

“ENGINE-02008 Class ‘delegates.MyCustomDelegate’ doesn’t implement org.camunda.bpm.engine.delegate.ExecutionListener’ nor ‘org.camunda.bpm.engine.delegate.JavaDelegate’.”,

When I remove the jar, I get the exact same error.

Is there anyway to migrate those processes?



Ok, I just needed a class with the same path in my app and Camunda reads ti just fine.

Problem solved.