Message reference for message send events

When defining a message end event or intermediate message send event, the modeler will offer to define a message reference in addition to, for instance, specifying an expression to a method that will send the message, in the same way a service task can be implemented. I see if a message is defined, it ends up in the XML as expected, with a message element and a reference to it from the messageEventDefinition. All of theexamples in the docs don’t seem to use the combination. Does the additional definition of the message reference have any runtime effects?

I don’t think it has much of an affect on execution.
One way it can be very useful is when you’ve got some generic “send” code that can then simply get the message name from the element and then run the code with that as the message name.

You mean it would be used as an input parameter to a generic method? I assume that’s not automatic, though?

Indeed, not automatic but available if required.

OK, thanks. Good to know. Also happy to confirm it would have no automatic effect by just configuring it :slight_smile:

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