Manual Task Creation Using Camunda Modeler

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Iam using Camunda with Spring Boot.I have created Manual Task using Camunda Modeler.But I dont know how to proceed further like how to transfer the control back to workflow after the manual task is completed. Or what approach we should follow starting from manual task.

Can you upload your model?
What exactly would you like to accomplish with your process?

Iam just exploring Camunda so that I can take up my actual use case. So I am trying to create all types of tasks and sub process and play around it . Right now control comes to my manual task via workflow. Manual task must decide a condition and set a variable to be true or false.

There is a difference between a Manual Task and a User Task.
There is no way for a manual task to get information from a user. It’s more likely that you’d want to use a User Task.

I get it that both are different. So what happens when there is a manual task say for example check the connection at site.once I get report from technician after the inspection how will I proceed to the next step in workflow.

usertask would be sufficient for this.

But visiting the site in person is something more of manual task.

From the Manual Task docs:

It is used to model work that is done by somebody who the engine does not need to know of and is there no known system or UI interface.

As soon as you need information acquired from the task, you need to use a usertask and cannot use a manual task

Thanks for that info. By the way does manual task call any Api or how does it stop further step ahead in the workflow

For the engine, a manual task is handled as a pass-through activity, automatically continuing the process at the moment the process execution arrives at it.

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Thank you. Is there any source code available for reference.

Hi @Gayathri,

well, the ManualTaskActivityBehavior does not have much code for reference, but you can start exploring from there.

In the end, it comes down to the execute method you can see here:

As shown, when you reach the Manual Task and execute it, it is simply left again, so no extra logic besides that.

If you like, compare that to the UserTaskActivityBehavior and inspect how it differs from the Manual Task.


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HI @tmetzke

Thanks for the clarification. Is there any site or any project which explains how to create sub process,different tasks and integrate them with code using spring boot. Would be helpful as I am unable to find it.