Magic deployment aware feature


Hey together,

what about making the deployment-aware mechanism of a process application aware of the version tag?

In an agile mircoservice environment using blue-green-deployments, you configure your load-balancer to give the new version only 10 percent of the requests. If you feel safe, you will increase linear until you are safisfied, before you enable the new version completly.

During this time, you have to serve two versions of your process definition in parallel. The version tag serves well for this, but not for the job executor. My tests failed as both versions of the process application serve all jobs.

Where is the magic feature of the deployment-aware process application implemented? Could you please give me a hint to the sources?

Cheers, Ingo


You can configure the process engine, so that its job executors are deployment aware.
The property is jobExecutorDeploymentAware (default is false). Or if you configure your engine programmatically, you can use conf.setJobExecutorDeploymentAware(true).

I never used it, but this should do the trick, I guess.