LDAP integration for Authentication only?

Hi all,

Is it possible to have LDAP integration with Camunda for authentication only? i.e.: NO users or groups to be populated into Camunda admin from the LDAP. Users and groups still use the default from Camunda, including Authorizations.

I don’t think this is possible.
LDAP would replace camunda’s own user and group tables. Although authorizations for camunda oriented things are always stored in Camunda

Thanks Niall.

If so, how could I setting the group correctly from LDAP? or setting from bpm-platform.xml?
I connect to LDAP success, but there is no group in Camunda
Since we couldn’t adjust the group in Camunda, it’s confused me.

Much appreciated!

If you connect LDAP to Camunda any groups, users and the links between them are read from LDAP itself so to create users and groups you need to create them in LDAP