Is there a way to create a library of process definitions?

So basically we want to create a set of most used process definitions and then make them available via the modeler. Basically saving time for the modellers and then also promote reusability.

You can probably do that with where you can keep a repository of models that anyone can update, downland and comment on.

In the paid for version you can also have models automatically sync with the desktop modeler

Wow I am so impressed with the speed with which you reply to all the questions here … :smiley:

Btw do we have cawemo self hosted version ? if yes then is it the one which is paid?

If no self hosted then where is it hosted and where is the data stored ? inside Europe or outside europe?

Ok quickly checked it. I dont see what I needed in the tool. So what I was thinking of that we can say create ProcessDefinitions with name like CreateTicket (CT) , SiteActivityCheck(SAC) etcs, then we create a new Process Definition where we will utilize these already created definiton CT and SAC. And might be more new Process Definitions which are using CT and SAC in them as well

I dont see how I can do that here

Well Cawemo’s EE version does have the abillity to create and synchronize templates with the modeler. Those templates are mostly used for service tasks.

You can have an on prem version although i don’t know all the details about it.

Alright. Then how people create shared process definitions ? do they recreate it always ?

Process definitions can be synchronized from cawemo automatically.

hmm i did not find that option … so i create 2 bpmn diagrams, then i want to embed these two in the 3rd bpmn diagram. and you are saying its possible ? if yes then could you tell me how to?

Hello @sherry-ummen ,

instead of embedding them, it is a good practice to use a Call Activity to reference them instead. In Cawemo EE, you will be able to set up a link towards the referenced diagram.

Hope this helps


That is the way then :slight_smile: . Thank you