Integrating Camunda with existing Spring Boot REST API

I have an existing Spring boot based REST API in place which i am deploying to Tomcat server and the the package being generated is a WAR file accordingly. My pom.xml file has the basic dependencies for Spring as below with Spring version as 2.2.5.RELEASE


I am trying to integrate Camunda within this and enabling the Camunda Web APP at the same time for that i have added the following dependencies with Camunda version as 7.13.0


There were issues with the Datasource as in i had a primary datasource which i wanted to use for my REST API and wanted Camunda to pick up the secondary so that went fine and I am able to compile and run the application locally in embedded Tomcat server but i don’t see the Camunda Web UI working. Do i need to do anything else to make sure the Web UI is working.

@shreza can you upload your pom.xml file

Thanks for the response @aravindhrs i was able to make it work, few observations which I had are as below:

  1. I am using multiple Datasource in my Spring boot application and intended to use Secondary Datasource for my Camunda setup. it identified the Datasource properly but kept switching back to the primary Datasource for some reason in later stages of operation. I believe it could be something to do with the JPA/Hibernate framework which i am using with my primary Datasource and MyBatis framework being used by Camunda. This was resolved by explicitly setting a qualifier on the Datasource beans.
  2. There is a property that we can set the application path to anything in the application.yml file of Spring Boot for Camunda Web UI, didnt work for me, still doesnt so left it and using the path whichever is getting generated.
  3. I didn’t know that i will have to create all the tables manually if i am configuring secondary DB for Camunda. Took me a while to figure it out, was fiddling around with my DB user roles and permissions. Also i don’t think this is a good design, or may be there is a work around which i am not aware of.