Integrate Cockpit,Admin and Tasklist


HI, we are creating web portal for task management. It is a war with camunda embedded engine. we want to add/embed cockpit, admin and Tasklist application in our portal. What is suggested way to do this?


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Not sure on the specific tech you are using, but we are using Spring Boot 2 microservices and have added Cockpit, Tasklist and Admin into the app by doing this.

Add the following to the pom.xml:




We are currently using these properties:


In the application.yml we have added this:

    index-redirect-enabled: true
    id: camunda
    password: camunda

When the app starts up we can access the Camunda web app directly on the server.port assigned (so, for example http://localhost:8080).


Thanks Steve, I am using spring mvc. Tasklist functionality is created as part of custome web application but we want to use cockpit and admin functionality as it is. Since both are web app in it self, we are looking for best practice to use both application?

Possible ways could be 1) deploy both application separately in same server along with costume web app 2) create separate url mapping for both cockpit and admin , keep all required configuration and files in same application 3) if any plugin available by which we can integrate admin and/or cockpit in our web application 4) could be any other way…


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