How to use input variables

example.dmn (1.3 KB)

in this example , we have inputVariable and the value is derived from custom feel function .
Now , can we use this inputVariable in the output .

Ex - myvariable>10 then result is myvariable-10 . - Rule 1 .

so myvariable is across both input and output entry .

on doing this we are getting result as null and warning like feelengine didnt find variable myvariable.

Hi @SumitKumar,

inputVariable is only recognized in input entry for which expressionLanguage is set to non FEEL value (for example: JUEL)
<inputEntry id="UnaryTests_01osxk8" expressionLanguage="juel">

but you can use the same input expression in your output entry so your entry looks like in below snip

and I believe that numeric calculation is used in your case so make sure to use numeric types instead of string type