How to set CustomTenantIdProvider in Camunda Spring application

I am using Camunda engine with a Spring boot.

I want to make use of the “Multi-Tenancy with Tenant Identifiers and Shared Process Definitions” [Link: camunda-bpm-examples/multi-tenancy/tenant-identifier-shared-definitions at master · camunda/camunda-b]

But where to set the CustomTenantIdProvider bean in Camunda Spring application.
Any setting available through application.yml?

Hi @Himanshu_Singh,

Here is an example how to provide the TenantIdProvider in your code: Camunda-User-and-Tenant-Creator/ at main · camunda-community-hub/Camunda-User-and-Tenant-Creator · GitHub

With Spring-Boot, it reqires more than a configuration setting. But the example works with the help of Spring-boot black magic without any additional configuration.

Hope this helps, Ingo

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