How to retry the task if there is a error cath from external task

Hello all,

I am trying to retry a service task if there is error from the external task. I followed the step below.

  1. made asynchronous task before
  2. added the job priority
  3. added the retry recycle as shown in the screenshot below.

but it is not working. I made an external task in python and throwing the error code like below return task.bpmn_error(error_code=“bpmn-error-543”)

please assist me in this.

For external tasks it’s up to you entirely, you have to say I’m completing the task with failed outcome, and in the response you will say retry again. I have wrapped into a class with try catch block for those unhandled cases where I’m calculating number of retries and timeout. When camunda see 0 as retry he will stop retrying and you will see an incident, it’s up to you to maintain the retry number.

Hence you are seeing that there is no errors at all or not being executed like something is not working, check logs on your side.

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