How to interrupt timer?


I have timer with 3 repeating intervals, each occurs after 15 mins,each interval send email notification to assignee to remind pending task. If assignee completes the task after first notification, then timer execution should be interrupted.
So is there any way to stop further execution of the timer?



Hi @anjumaara3

I think what you want to achieve is same as in below process model

From the process model, You can see that “Prepare sales report” task has an attached non-interrupting timer where an email reminder is sent every 24 hours.
With this design "when token arrives the task, a reminder will be sent to assignee every 24 hours only while the task is pending. As soon as the task is completed, no more reminders will be sent"


Hey hassang,
Thanks for your response.
Actually i am using execution listener for sending email notification.
But i think this could be better solution,I will try this approch.


How to completely stop the timer?


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