How to get another process using process id


hi ,
i have two pools pool-A and pool-B .i send a task to message start event which resides pool-B. Now from pool-A i want to find whether pool-B is running or not (or executable state or not) so that i can add another condition if the pool-B doesnt exist i can broadcast a signal to somrother process (eg. Pool-C).
or if there anyother method available please share .thank you.


Best idea would be to use the a business key to start the process with and then use that same key to query for it’s current state.
You can read more about business key’s in T-Dog’s blog post.


Thanks a lot Niall…i will try …


Okie Niall now i understant how to use Business key and what it is …can you tell me how to use Business key to findout whether another process is in executable state or not…using send task…thank you…


So you want to start a new process and query for it’s state in the same task?


let me put it in this way … im using send task(from poolA) to start another process’s(poolB) “message startevent” and i have 3rd process(PoolC) which will recieve signal if poolB doesn’t subscribe poolA’s is my problem how can i find if poolB doesnt subscribe poolA sendtask … (what i am trying to achive is even if i remove a process from the workflow it should continue the flow without fail ) it is hard to understand my english …sorry if i wasting ur time by newbie questions…im just curious…Thanks a lot