How to filter tasks for users based on criteria

I’m building a low code/ no code POC and I’m trying to find the simplest way to filter user tasks based on certain criteria. I have come across variables like assignee, candidate users, candidate groups, etc. but is there a way to create new variables in the user task? For example, there could be a variable called priority level with 3 possible values, and a user would have access to a task based on a logical expression that evaluated it’s priority level. Or even multiple variables with more complex expressions.

Hi @mark3141 ,

yes a user task can initialize a variable. The simplest way would be to use generic task forms.. Another simple way would be to use form fields. The problem here is, that the variable will be initialized with the completion of the user task. Maybe you could use another user task in front that sets the priority level.

A probably more elegant way to set a variable on creation of an user task are task listeners. Here the variable could be on the creation of the task itself, but this would involve coding (at least some script that can run). Not sure if that works with your low code approach.

Not 100% sure but in general if you use Camunda no code sounds a bit dangerous… You probably will need at some points some code to leverage the full power of Camunda.

I hope that helps