How to change order next task is chosen? Want it sticky to last process instance, Until no more tasks

Hey Guys, is there a way to change the default order Camunda Tasklist servers up the next task.

I would like it to be sticky and default to the Next User Task on the same process instance until there are not more User Tasks available and then switch to another process instance.

Is this possible to change?


I suspect you may have to build a custom tasklist, or at least a custom form to realises the UI behaviour you require.

Heres an example of a form which does somthing similar. This form is used with CMMN tasks. Have a look at how it uses the REST APIs to determine avaialable, in progress and completed tasks. Hopefully this inspires you on how you could build a form using the REST API to complete a task, then query the engine for any tasks associated with the current process instance, load the task form inside this ‘master form’ and repeat…




Thanks for your suggestion :slight_smile: