Hi Team, I am new to Camunda technology. I want to use apache Cassandra for Camunda

I want to use apache Cassandra for Camunda using Springboot. Is it possible? if yes what are the Cassandra dependencies need to be added.

I have added only one spring-boot-starter-data-cassandra dependency. When I combine Cassandra and Camunda it is not working. I’m getting error like __ " field transactionManager in org.camunda.bpm.spring.boot.starter.configuration.imp.defaultDatasourceConfiguration required a bean of type platform Transaction Manager that could not be find "

If I can run seperatly without any errors but when I included Camunda and Cassandra dependency.

Please share links related to Camunda and Cassandra.

I’m stuck here. Please someone suggest something.

Thanks in Advance

@Jagadeeswaran_M Welcome to the forum :tada:

Currently Camunda Platform doesn’t support cassandra. Please check the supported databases section from the below link.


Camunda PlatformTransactionManager configuration:


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