Handle any error in process same way


I have process where i call 5 systems:

I have default behavior if any system didint answer:

  1. Write info to another system.
  2. Write retry failed call.

So i have some requesrment to process model:

  1. I didint want much error sub-process handlers like this, it didnt give value and add mess to model
  2. I cant use event sub-process with error start, becouse error start always interrapt ( i didint want interrapt).

I model this like:

But may be i have more easy way to do it? Like custom inciedent handler, etc.?

Please, give me advice, how i can support my scenario in camunda?


The solution:

  1. We use async on call to autoretry.
  2. We write custom error handler to write to DB, when auto-retry didnt help.