Exclusive gateway timeout


Hello Everyone!
I have a question about the case.
how Can I create a timeout for the Exclusive gateway with the default workflow step?

I’m pretty sure, that it has an easy solution, but I have not found it yet.

Best regards, Roman.


Hi Roman,

An exclusive gateway does not wait for any input, so it also cannot time out. I have the impression that I don’t yet understand what you are trying to achieve. Can you please rephrase that? An example could be useful.



Of course, I can.
Look into the picture:

I want to make the situation:
we are on Enter Request Details step. If after some time nothing changes - go to step task2.
Maybe it has other solutions, I don’t know for sure.
Is it more understandable?


That’s a use case in which boundary events should work well.


See https://docs.camunda.org/manual/7.9/reference/bpmn20/events/timer-events/#timer-boundary-event for details on timer boundary events.


I think it can help me!:smiley:
Thank you, I hope it will help me.
I will answer afterward.