Error calling DeploymentBuilder.deployWithResult with dmn

I created a basic DMN diagram with the latest Camunda Modeler and attempting to deploy via DeploymentBuilder.deployWithResult, however it logs the following error. I am using 7.10.0/7.10.4-ee.


Caused by: org.camunda.bpm.model.dmn.DmnModelException: Unable to parse model
	at org.camunda.bpm.model.dmn.impl.DmnParser.parseModelFromStream(
	at org.camunda.bpm.model.dmn.Dmn.doReadModelFromInputStream(
	at org.camunda.bpm.model.dmn.Dmn.readModelFromStream(
	at org.camunda.bpm.dmn.engine.impl.transform.DefaultDmnTransform.setModelInstance(
	... 36 common frames omitted
Caused by: org.camunda.bpm.model.xml.ModelParseException: SAXException while parsing input stream
	at org.camunda.bpm.model.xml.impl.util.DomUtil.parseInputStream(
	at org.camunda.bpm.model.xml.impl.parser.AbstractModelParser.parseModelFromStream(
	at org.camunda.bpm.model.dmn.impl.DmnParser.parseModelFromStream(
	... 39 common frames omitted
Caused by: org.xml.sax.SAXException: Error: URI=null Line=11: cvc-elt.1.a: Cannot find the declaration of element 'definitions'.
	at org.camunda.bpm.model.xml.impl.util.DomUtil$DomErrorHandler.error(

@bruce.downs Welcome to the forum :partying_face:

Verify that your dmn xml has the below <definitions></definitions> tags.

<definitions xmlns="" xmlns:dmndi="" xmlns:dc="" id="Definitions_13auk4i" name="DRD" namespace="">


Java API:

DmnModelInstance modelInstance = Dmn.createEmptyModel();

Definitions definitions = modelInstance.newInstance(Definitions.class);

Decision decision = modelInstance.newInstance(Decision.class);



Hey Aravindh, thanks for responding!

I used a simple dmn file generated using the latest Camunda Modeler. See attached.

Btw, I’ve tried several variations produced with the Camunda Modeler.

Note, I am able to successfully deploy this example -

Test_Workflow_4.dmn (878 Bytes)

I have been experimenting and believe upgrading from 7.10 to 7.14 will solve the problem.

Please confirm.

Which version of camunda modeler are you using?

If you’re using camunda modeler version >4.2.x,then you might consider to upgrade the Camunda version to the latest otherwise downgrade the Camunda modeler.

Hi @bruce.downs,

the current Modeler (4.3.0) enables DMN 1.3, which is only available in recent Camunda BPM Platform versions:

I would recommend to do the upgrade on the engine.

If you can’t, step back to Modeler 3.7.2.

Hope this helps, Ingo