Embedded Forms: Form validation


I have this input field:

As you can see, for some reasons I am not using the cam-variable-name and cam-variable-type directives.

This input should be filled in order to enable the “Complete”-Button.
But the form can be submitted by clicking the “Complete”-Button, because it is not disabled.

As soon as I use the cam-variable-name and cam-variable-type directives it works and the form can only be submitted if the input is filled.

Is there a way to achieve the same behaviour in the first example?

You can use custom JavaScript in embedded forms. Documentation reference
Something on the lines https://www.tutorialspoint.com/angularjs/angularjs_forms.htm.

Hey @chaitanyajoshi, thank you for the advice.
I already use custom JavaScript and AngularJS in my embedded forms,
but i don’t know how to use it in order to disable the camunda “Complete”-Button
if there are any required inputs that are not filled