Element Template support for Message (throw/catch) events

Hi @Niall @nikku @MaxTru,

We have a requirement to create element-templates around the message (throw and catch) events, so that our business partners could use the templates and modify the workflow.
Looking at the element template documentation we could not get much information around it. Could you please help us provide some details about it.

  1. Is it supported yet? If yes, could you please share an example.
  2. If not any timeline for it, and any workaround which can help us achieve the above functionality in the interim?

Thanks in advance!

Hi @mishrasovan ,

A couple of things:

  • In principle you can have element templates for bpmn:Events. With such a template you could modify the direct properties of the respective event (e.g., the name). See for example this one from our samples.
  • However, currently you cannot have an element template, which configures details of an bpmn:MessageEventDefinition or the bpmn:Message that is referenced by the eventDefinition.
  • Having said that, this is something that we built for bpmn:Errors and bpmn:ErrorEventDefinitions (see for example this one), which in principle work the same way as bpmn:Message and bpmn:MessageEventDefinition. What I want to show with that is, that we in principle have a way how to implement this, we just did not see priority for it yet for Message.
  • There is a feature request already open, see camunda-modeler#861. It would be great if you could comment your use case on the issue, this ensures that we know that you require this feature and helps us to make the right prioritization decisions.