Element Template // entriesVisible - how to get the keys



we used many element templates for “our own” tasks and events. We define custom properties and want to hide some predefined properties.

But I have no idea what I need to write in as a value in the entriesVisible array. How do I get these values?

One Example:
In on an intermediateCatchEvent we want to hide the following:

  • tab “Input/Output”
  • tab “Extensions”
  • the group “Asynchronous Continuations”
  • the group “Documentation”



Hi @Miles,

There is no central point where you can check that.
You need to know the id of the entry.
There are two options to get it.

  1. You could take a closer look at the provider implementations of the properties-panel. Take a closer look to the implementation folder. Due to the fact that some entries are used more than once it gets hard to find out because of the id-prefix.

  2. You could step into debug mode with F12 and search of the right entry. If that one has a prefix you could set a breakpoint to get the whole id. Often I search for id: 'xxx. or id: idPrefix + 'xxx

Moreover you can’t disable a whole tab/group. It gets automatically hidden if all entries are hidden.

Solution for your issue:

"entriesVisible": {
      "_all": true,
      "executionListeners": false,
      "properties": false,
      "inputs": false,
      "outputs": false,
      "asyncBefore": false,
      "asyncAfter": false,
      "exclusive": false,
      "documentation": false