DMN defaulting to first output always


Hi, Attached is the DMN. No matter what input rule it evaluates to, the output is defaulting to first one. Any problem with the DMN?. Any help would be appreciated!
Attached is the cockpit snapshot

invoiceSendDecision.dmn (3.6 KB)


I noticed a couple of things. Your scripted columns include variables which are not passed into the decision. In order to evaluate the JUEL expression ${estimateDTO.amount > 500}, you must pass in the variable estimateDTO.discountPercent. These inputs can have no criteria. Same for the other columns.

Second, I don’t think the variable names can contain a period.


Hi @Bill_Powell, Thanks for reply. The JUEL expression is evaluated correctly. estimateDTO.amount and estimateDTO.discountPercent are process variables which are being passed to DMN correctly. You can see this in this screenshot. But output values are always defaulting to first row.


Sorry, I was incorrect regarding sending in the variables. I took another look at it - if I deploy your model as-is, I get an error saying it can’t evaluate where key=null. If I remove the periods from the variable names it works correctly and returns various results as the inputs vary. This is via the Rest interface.