Diff b/w deleting processdefinition & processdeployment


What is the Diff b/w deleting processdefinition & processdeployment?

Both will delete running process instances if i set cascade=true for while deleting processdefinition & processdeployment?


One difference is that a deployment could have more that one process definition.


so if i delete by deploymentId, it will delete all the processdefinitions and running processinstances right.


only if you set the cascade flag.


In one deployment, is that possible to deploy more than one processdefinitions?

How processdefinitions are grouped under one deploymentId?

As you said, deploymentid can have more than one processdefinitions.


Yes you can also add decisions definitions as well.

When making the call, you can just add more process definitions within the request either by Java or REST.


Yes I Know. As part of processdefinition, we can deploy DMN & CMMN.

But, is that possible to deploy 2 different processdefinitions in a single deployment, so that i will get common deploymentid for both processdefinitions.


Sure, why not? :slight_smile:


Thanks @Niall. I will check this