Deployment does not appear in the cockpit (getstarted-scenario)

I exercised the getstarted-scenario and got problems on step:

“Project Setup” and “Model a Process” is checked and correct executed.
The Maven-Install is build with response “Success”.

I copy the ‘loan-approval-0.1.0-SNAPSHOT.war’ into the ‘$CAMUNDA_HOME/server/apache-tomcat/Webapps’-folder and the Webserver deploy the war-file correctly.

In the cockpit I cannot see the deployed process. Tomcat has been restarted but process does not listed in the process-list.

Can anybody help, please?

kindly regards

Hi @TheGrump,

May you send the log file of tomcat, please?

Hi @hassang,
thx for input to check the log file of tomcat not in skim. So I found my problem.
There is no process.xml what contain the resolution that the war-file is deployed correctly but no grafical interface is included due to no grafical interface excist. :wink:

So I have to find out where is my process.xml. :wink:

Hi @TheGrump,

Make sure you did below step

Thx for your reminder to check the META-INF/processes.xml. That was the problem and now the deployed process becomes showed in the Tasklist.
#problemsolved :slight_smile: