Deploy-changed-only behaviour


We are deploying many process definitions as part of a Spring Boot application Camunda version 7.8 (inside the resources folder)

In the example that we deploy 2 process definitions
After initial deploy we will have 1 deployment and 2 process instances

If we then make changes to ONLY taxes and redeploy we get a new deployment and 2 new versions

As you extrapolate this example out to a real world example with 10 process definitions, we are required to do alot of unecessary migration

The configuration key deploy-changed-only appears to say that it will handle this problem, meaning that only the changed process definition will be updated to a new version, but what i see in testing is still multiple versions

What configuration or setup is needed such that only changed process definitions will be re-versioned and deployed, such that we only have to migration processes on changed process definitions?

Continuing from the previous example, if we make changes to taxes and redeploy we should have

processes.xml is attachedprocesses.xml (567 Bytes)

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Hi @Wesley_Connor,

the property is isDeployChangedOnly See:

Would you like to give an additional try?

Cheers, Ingo